Hello! First post! First post! Creating a new blog is like starting on a blank canvas! You don’t really know who will read this, and it might be no body. You don’t really know what the content will be like, but it’s sure to be nothing short of thrilling, because there’s always got to be a special reason to creating it, doesn’t there? Well, our reason is such:

We wish to tell the tale of our cycle through the Andes. Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia in 71 days.

Who is this “we”? Well, other than the About page above, you may wish to know (or perhaps you already know) we are a young couple of free-thinking efficiency-loving hippies. We like photography. And mountains. And well, we’ve decided to put a halt to the frenetic search for self and  accomplishment in the modern world of Montreal to hop on our bikes and let the trail take us where it may. Being university junkies, we’ve started off by doing research. A LOT of research, into what has already been done in so far as cycling through the Andes. And there isn’t much. Some of the sites we’ve found are pretty cool. But we think there is still room for our own little experience!

photo (5)


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