ISIC card arrived!


Hurray! It is only step 20 of 5 billion before we leave!!! *panic attack*
But at least we can *almost* scratch one MAJOR thing off the first published list:

EA: finish masters’ thesis writing
MA: finish class work
Finish renovations on the apartment
Rent out bottom apartment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Find sublet for our own apartment
Put our stuff in storage
Find a suitable place for delphi
Plan itinerary in a general sense
Update gear and cycles
Tune-up cycles
Get cycling boxes
Kittens and Zen get adopted

YAY! We have found some awesome tenants *keeping our fingers crossed*. That would be one MAJOR thing out of the way.

AND I’m presenting my thesis this Wednesday. Wish me luck! Here’s a snippet from my presentation:



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