Writing in French or in English?

Hey all! So as you can see Marky is getting into the swing of things posting about all the technical details in our gear choices. Its his first blogging experience, so I’m happy he’s enjoying it so far. We’re hoping to both be able to write during the voyage, so as to give you humans a multidimensional view of our goings on!

The issue with all of this is of course is the whole French or English question. I’m absolutely bilingual. If you have a problem believing that, go ahead and challenge me in any way you see fit. I have thought at length about the question. I believe there are pros and cons to each side, but for the moment, I’m going with English. The dumbest reason for which is that as my previous travel blogs (Europe, China, Mexico, Ecuador) have all been in French and I somehow feel entitled to be writing in English given that more people will be able to read it. Perhaps its also a kind of whiplash from all the French-language policing in the past few months in Québec. Eventually I am hoping to translate all of what Marc-Antoine has written into English, for the pure and simple fact of accessibility to more readers.

With nothing but love for you *MUAH*


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