Have you heard about my foot?…


Hey guys… So this is my super-tragic foot story… I have an avulsion fracture on my right foot. I sprained my ankle on the 1st of January. Yeah. 3 months ago. Boo-ya. Had to stop training for my half-marathon… I figured it would heal up in no time, I mean, its just a sprain right? Well it wasn’t healing. So I went to the hospital. And the physiotherapists office. Back to the hospital. And then the podiatrists’ office. And then ANOTHER hospital. Then, my family doctors’ office. Back to the hospital. To no avail. Oh GODS the frustration!!

Then my super amazing nurse cousin helped me see an orthopedic surgeon. So 6, and I literally mean 6, xrays later, I am going to get fitted for an orthopedic boot today. And 3 weeks rest. I hope that’ll do the trick. Because honestly, I can’t take the mental strain, the fear of not ever being able to walk properly, let alone RUN well, ever again. Because 3 months is a LONG time without healing…

And with all the awesome things ahead of us in South America, this baby’s going to have to be HEALED properly.


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