SO inspired!

Hi everyone! So today, I am quaking in my seat, sippin’ my soy latte thinking about how not to fail at my presentaiton this afternoon when this website stumbled upon my facebook feed:

Its a young couple and their 6 year old daughter who sold all their stuff and are going around the world for a year! SWEET!!!!!!!! And they write well and they have lots of information coming up and its all so lovely to see and read. They are leaving ALMOST THE SAME DAY we are!! June 2nd!


Too bad they are leaving from Vancouver, I don’t think we’ll cross paths! But still, how amazing is it that there are lots of people who are going off and living their nomad lifestyle! YES!!

There’s also this French family:

But I mean… there must be so many more! Makes you think… there are more nomads than you’d imagine just living the sedentary life here. But everyone knows someone who knows someone else who’s just gone off that bandwagon and hopped on a bike, or sold their stuff for an RV… I mean its a REAL thing! Not just a one-off, improbable idea. People are DOING IT! And that is just fantastic!

Thanks to everyone who wrote about their projet, their discoveries, their tips, tricks and tales! I LOVE it! Marc literally devoured this blog monday night when I sent the link to him:

Oh yeah!

And there are groups too! I stumbled upon this PANAM riders group:!forum/panam-riders

With really TONS of information, right down to the nitty gritty of it all! So we’re REALLY excited about having been accepted as new members. We will definitly be consulting their posts lots.


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