Ok, so we haven’t been posting. We haven’t exactly been on idle either. I mean… we’re leaving in 14 days!!! Still, we haven’t been working on the trip so much. We’ve been rushing to get our renovations done, here are some pictures:




So what does all this renovations have to do with anything? WELL, this passed weekend (18-19th of may) I had 9 people stay in the appartment because of a surprise party I threw my parents! It was a heck of a lot of fun, and Marc and I are now dealing with a bit of empty-nest syndrome because it was lovely to have the house buzzing with people chatting and wine and food and joy!

We spend all day Sunday together, 11 people and we were all on the smallish balcony.

ImageNeedless to say thought, it took a LOT of preparations. Not only the 60-people surprise party, but getting our house in ship-shape before the party. But the surprise was totally worth it!

So with all that, lets just say that the cycling project was on hold. It just goes to show that such a big adventure doesn’t take that much planning ahead, as long as you’ve taken all the necessary steps to gather the right equipment. So next blog post will be about that!

We’ve been behind, but watch out because the next two weeks are going to be FLOODED with information!



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