Here we are in Tambopaxi

Hi! Well, here we are, 20km later… In a sweet lodge in Tambopaxi. It looks like Marc’s laptop hard-drive just failed… So we’re in a little bit of a down right now… Too many bumps on the road we think. We might be able to get someone to look at it in a city… Or change the hard drive… But for now it looks like we might only be able to share text on the blog, and once in a while a couple photos… Bummer. Julien was right.

Too bad my iPad doesn’t let me upload photos or videos via USB… It has a good type of hardware that won’t mind the bumps as much as Marc’s laptop.

Well, its a crappy start to what was an awesome day! We left at 915 after breakfast with Theodoro the llama, at El Cucayo. And from there we climbed. And climbed, slowly. Sometimes on foot. Actually, maybe 50% on foot. After a while around lunch time, a car passed, and we waived, as usual. But these weren’t ecuadorians, they looked like tourists to us. And then the car stopped, and it backed up. And we were invited for a juice somewhere up ahead, the driver said to look for a straw roof, they said they’d wait for us. So while images of fresh fruit juice danced in our heads, we continued to climb. And we eventually got there. So we went in and had a juice of Narangilla and a nice chat! The apparent tourists are actually habituados of Ecuador. They organize specialized expeditions from Florida and then come do them here with their customers! How cool!

And then we continued our road a bit, happy because they said it was only 6km! We were told (or, we understood) that there were a few stores and or a camping at 2-3 km, which is do-able. We arrived at the Control Norte, the entrance to the Cotopaxi national parkc, around 3:40. But when we got there, they said that the camping is at 12km!! Nooooo!

We were feeing kind of desperate at that point because of our speed average: 3.7 kmh. Why so slow? Well, we’re at 3750m, which does have a major impact on our breathing and recuperation time! But also the road is haaaaaard! Its basically a dirt road, but NOT compact, and with sandy bits, and lots of rocks! And… Climbs! Today we climbed 850m in total! Oh, and the wind! As soon as we hit 3600, there was so much wind!

So… Getting to the camp ground implies another 2-3 hours of rough roads, pushing our bikes half the time… Ugh. Not to mention an imminent sunset, and you know at that altitude its colder! When we saw the hotel that the guards at Controls Norte told us was the only place for food and cost 130$ to stay at, we had to stop and see. Because we have not much food and well, we were tired! We asked them how much it was for the night: 24,40$ per person!! Oh man, what a relief. It’s the most expensive night yet, but hey, it could be worse! Oh, and its simply another piece of paradise! I mean, a crazy, beautiful view of the Cotopaxi right in front, and surrounded by hummingbirds!! Soooo coooool! We were feeling really elated, right untill Marc turned on his laptop…. Boo! He’s still trying to make it repair itself…

Good night!

bon, je traduirais, mais je suis trop fatiguée et il semble avoir n bogue avec mon Google Translate!

Le Cotopaxi! The iPad doesn’t do it justice by a long shot!

Here we are enjoying a nice meal in the warmth!


One thought on “Here we are in Tambopaxi

  1. Allo àvous deux – oh boy, c’est vraiment une aventure qui vous pousse à vos limites;
    à vous lire j’en perd le souffle. Heureusement qu’il y a de belles rencontres et des paysages fabuleux…. bonne chance avec l’ordi……faites attention à vous et bonne route.

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