Things to do

  • Fix phone battery
  • Get info for a European number (how about over there)
  • Get blade sharpened
  • Review equipment list
  • Test prepping the bikes for boxing
  • Find bike boxes (OMG NOW WOMAN!!!!)
  • Review international cycling rules (helmet, lights, reflectors, etc)
  • Find websites with info on bike paths in Italy and Germany
  • Start looking for Warmshowers
  • Finish JUR7401 first draft 
  • Put away room for visitors
  • Get new gopro battery (sigh!)

Ok, so I haven’t really gotten much done. I think the whole boxes thing is really the most important, Im gonna start calling bike shops now!!


5 thoughts on “Updated

  1. But, have you found some websites four bike routes in Italy?
    If so, can you please share it for me?

    • Si Sina! When we arrive in Italy, we are taking a few days in Venice with some close friends! We are taking off on the 15th like I said to get to Auronzo in 3 days. Since it is all uphill, we are not going to do big days, something like 50 and 60km per day. We haven’t decided exactly which roads, we’re going to talk to some people and do a bit more research first! Also, looking for some hosts to stay with :) We need to find that first, THEN the road we will take!

  2. Hi Emilie, hope you have a great time on this new adventure. I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing lots of pictures. I will be praying for you to be safe & enjoying every minute of your trip. You are an amazing person & I am very proud to call you my niece. We Love You. Auntie Ann & Uncle Norman xox

    • Hey Ann and Norman, thanks so much for all your encouragement! :) We’re almost ready to take off. Thanks a million for thinking of me ;) love you both!!

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