Fying in

12 may 2014

I’m not usually this excited at 8 am, but you know, Im in Italy, and i am super excited to go out and do stuff! Ju is still sleeping, so I can tell you about my travelling day. We got to the airport around 11 with my parents, thanks mom and dad!


You can see our bike boxes in the back. So my flights were (in Montreal time):

To Ottawa: 12:35 to 13:35
To Frankfurt : 17:00 to 1:00 (6:00)
To Venice : 3:00 to 4:20 (9:20)

Everything went well except for Air Canada luggage fees which we thought we had looked into already. Grrrrrr 150$! I had all the usual suspects in my flights: the big lady next to me in the tiny plane to Ottawa, the annoying child on the transatlantic, seeing THE ALPS’s snow capped peeks through clouds on the european flight!

My sleepless brain was so excited by the time we got to the plane landing and we could see all the industry by the mediteranean.

Once in Venice, I was so glad, there was a patch of grass right outide the airport exit, where I waited for Ju while setting up his bike untill 6:40am Montreal time (11:40), when he arrived, we has to set up mine and bike to Casale (17km).
I thought it would have been fairly quick to do 17km of flat terrain, but we kept getting lost!!

Given the fact that we hadn’t slept all night, we were getting all the streets all comfused and with no map (typical, the Marco Polo airport has no free wifi and very bad reception!) we kept going in the wrong direction. And we were hungry, thirsty and dead exhausted. It reslly was one of those “note to self” moments: biking after 16+ hours of air travel is kinda not a great idea. Plus, I had forgotten that it was a Sunday, and Sundays, everything is closed in Italy!! We couldn’t even find a place to fill our waterbottles or buy water. But the ride over was so beautiful, the airport lands give way right off the bat to some epic countryside, narrow streets, 200 year old villas with farmkands, flowers everywhere!! All on a small scale: little farm land and little country village, so thouroughly adorable. We wound our inefficient way to Casale, and stopped at the center ehich I started to recognise : the triangular plaza with the church and the library! I went to look for water and/or food, but the only thing open was an ice cream place! Thankfully, Claudio found us sleep-deprived zombies and brought us home where we were able to shower and nap!

In the evening, it was Claudio’s birthday, so when they got home, I not only got to see the girls again, I got to see some of Claudio’s family which I had met in 2008! I was nervous to see the girls, cause I figured they wouldn’t remember me (they were 2y and 10mo when I babysat them!)” but they got in with another little boy (Lorenzo)and right away started babbling Italian and us! We hid with them in Olivia’s bedroom, which consisted of hysterical giggles, useless shushing and light-switch abuse. I only partially understood what they were saying, but Ju must have understood approximately nothing. No better way to learn a new language!

We were 12 for the evening in their adorable kitchen/livingroom loft space, and the kids were like grasshoppers all over Ju and I, tickle fights, ball throwing, improvised arm gymnastics included. There was also little baby Celeste, 1.5yrs, what a cutie! I was so happy to see Gio again also, she’s so great to talk to. What a great family, and eventually, my italian is going to come back enough to talk more with them! Hahahah

Tonight, we’re going to Venice proper, to stay with Chicco, Gio’s sister; so Ill see adorable Jacopo and Nicolo again. And you know, VENICE! So excited! Im so lucky to get to stay with them!

Ta ta!


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