Germany : beer, internet and cars!

140km seperate lovely Innsbrook from Munich, and so it only took us two days to get here. With the recommendation of our WS host, we took a nice road that went along these two HUGE lakes framed by mountains. Which of course meant another 400m climb. But it was lovely nonetheless. After the climb, we were greeted by a wall of wind and a path that followed the Achensee with its dark turquoise waters and lovely summer houses of Austrian architecture. We pushed on after a quick grocery-supper of local cheese and salted herring and half a watermelon.

We crossed the Austrian-German border with barely even a sign to mark the change and then found a quiet flat spot near a goat farm to make our camp. So that’s what we’ve been doing… Wild camping. We’ve been in Europe two weeks and have only once paid for a night and it was frankly because we were 6 days without a shower. It was in Brunico, a campground with a small animal farm and very friendly people. So between my friends, my family’s place in the mountains where we camped, our Warm Shower host in Innsbrook and a few nights of wild camping, we’ve been pretty spendthrift so far.

I gotta say, its not that glorious. As you can well imagine. But I am a very lucky person. Usually, I don’t get rain, and this trip has been no exception. Thank the old gods and the new. We only had a few moments of rain in Innsbrook, but we were staying indoors that night, and it passed really quickly. So our skins are already starting to tan and we haven’t yet had to wake up with drenched equipment.


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